3D home design services from Oak Country Homes

Creating your new dream home is so much easier if you have the right advice and tools, which is why at Oak Country Homes we have invested in state of the art house design software. Our design and build service can take your home from plan to reality with minimum fuss, stress and no unexpected last-minute costs.

Instead of two dimensional plans, our software presents a dynamic, virtual 3D model of your new home on screen that includes every feature in your new home design. You can 'walk' from room to room, and see how the whole house will look. If you wish to make any change, the design team can change it with just a few clicks of a mouse, right in front of you. The next time you'll see your home in such detail, you'll be living in it!

3D House Design - At Your Service

At Oak Country Homes, we use Autodesk Revit, a powerful industry-standard design software that enables us to be both creative and comprehensive, so our new home designs are both beautiful and highly functional.

The reason this software is so clever is that it creates BIM ready content, that's Building Information Modeling to you and me. BIM data allows us to accurately 'plot' every point in your home, so we know exactly how big, wide or high any object or space is. Unlike conventional hand-drawn house plans, which are susceptible to minor errors in scale and sizing, all plans created from BIM ready software are 100% consistent. So, we can print house plans, floor plans or elevations, and know that every measurement matches up, every time.

BIM ready software is smart, efficient, and produces accurate plans at a fraction of the time taken to hand-draw them, saving you time and money.

So, if you want to design and build your own home within a 50 mile radius of Ingersoll and Thorndale, give our design team a call at 519-425-9190 and we'll help you create your perfect home on screen first - with a little help from BIM!