Commercial Builds

  • Has your business outgrown your premises?
  • Need custom built commercial properties for your company?

Oak Country Homes is more than just successful property developers; we also offer design and building services for commercial properties in the Ingersoll and Thorndale area.

We take all the experience gained from 15 years of creating beautiful homes and apply them to your business property, so you get the building you need, designed to your specifications. And when a building is designed the way you want it, your business can run more efficiently and effectively from the first day you move in.

At Oak Country Homes, we design and build distinctive and eye-catching retail stores for our clients. We also have experience in industrial additions, enabling companies to expand their commercial premises without moving.
Retail Stores: Lease or Build?
Sometimes, when you want to expand your business, there just isn't a shop for sale or rent where you believe it would work best. Building your own retail premises provides your company with the retail space and location you want, plus a valuable asset for the future. Instead of throwing away money in rent every month, you can be working in your own premises, with a permanent secure business base and no issues of lease renewals, etc.

For more details of our commercial properties design and construction services, call Oak Country Homes now at 519-425-9190.